Monday, 14 May 2012

Libya: 'NATO will investigate the civilian deaths'

An International Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch has NATO has demanded that the air in Libya last year during the attacks common citizens of the death of comprehensive investigation. According to the organization, the human rights of the NATO air attacks at least better in civilians were killed and NATO to be where it should accept the responsibility of.

Human Rights Watch official of Ibrahim Cakho fred demand that the incidents immediately should be comprehensive and reliable investigation." NATO has taken the stand that the air operations in Libya during the predetermined very common citizens so that the least.

In March this year a second organization of human rights According to the Amnesty International of NATO air operations were killed during the 16 children and 14 women and common citizens of fifty-five of the name of the organization. He said that proper investigation of these incidents NATO has failed to on which it was severe disappointment. Human Rights Watch official fred Ibrahim Cakho further said that NATO has tried to find out that what went wrong and how it can be right in the future, the common citizens of non-examine incidents of deaths will come. The Human Rights Watch published on Monday in a report it has been said that the NATO air operations of the proofs of various incidents of 8 meticulously reviewed in which has been claimed that civilians have died.In the report of the incident was a mention in the NATO air action 14 citizens were killed in When the people on the spot, and the relief activities,The NATO Brygt kyndal to Libya last year in the protection of civilians was given responsibility and how many innocent people were killed during this is also a feeling.

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