Wednesday, 9 May 2012

To India on the Hindu community concern.

India has said that the government of Pakistan's minority their country from the Hindu community for the safety and security to all possible steps.On Wednesday, some members in the Indian Parliament by the Hindu girls in the religion of the change of such incidents as married with expressed concern.
He said that members of the Indian government on this issue should talk to the government of Pakistan shouldanswer on this, the Indian foreign minister, S. M. Krishna said the government of Pakistan has taken strict notice of such incidents and he hopes that Pakistan Minorities' protection of the constitutional duties will meet., He further said that the government and people of Pakistan' We appeal to the constitutional rights of the minority community, for the protection of their security, security and welfare of all possible steps including bail.,Some Girls in Sindh of Hindu family of the religion of the incident, Mr. Krishnamurthy said. The president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari had taken notice of this and he has ordered an investigation and legal action was said. The Foreign Ministern said that members of parliament' of Pakistan.Non-governmental organizations and civil society has also raised the issue and had demanded action.Indian foreign minister, along with Hindus in Pakistan of several incidents of rape and said' In November last year three Hindu doctors were killed, then the President of Pakistan against the individuals involved in the incident orders were given.He said that with the Hindu community, such incidents are on the administration of Pakistan and India is the hope that he will take action against the officials.

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