Thursday, 10 May 2012

India: permission to go to Pakistan to Khalil Chishti

India's Supreme Court has old Pakistani scientist Dr. Khalil Chishti temporarily allowed to Pakistan.But in the case of murder against the punishment before the hearing his appeal to return back to India.

In the case of killing of Dr. Chishti to life in prison was sentenced but Last month the Supreme Court has ordered the release on bailon Thursday. The court said that Dr. Chishti bail of 500,000 rupees will be before November 1 and return them back to India. Dr. Chishti, a 20 year-old murder case was sentenced in which he has against the appeal to the Supreme Court.The court's decision was made after the Dr. Chishti said that he is very happy and eventually got them to justice. In response to a question, he said that the government of Pakistan to the release of Indian prisoners will appeal their sentences to which the prison in the jails."The appeal of the Supreme Court on November 20.According to legal experts, perhaps in the history of India it is the first time that a convicted person out of the country is allowed to go to.Dr. Chishti has been instructed to reach Karachi on the Indian consulate they deposit their passport.  Dr. Chishti's lawyer told the court that نیتن decorative Dr. Chishti, a well-known scientist their spirit is bad and his life is more than this year, by that time for them to be given to the hearing of his appeal. Dr. Chishti 20 years ago, his mother India to meet Ajmer city and then came from a matter of being involved in murder due to be back.The petition in the Supreme Court After to Dr. Chishti's lawyer has told BBC that he on the basis of humanitarian sympathy sought permission to go to Pakistan.He said that 'Dr. Chishti, 20 years ago in India when he was on bail, Pakistan can not. Now we have to request to the court that the matter is being heard in the Supreme Court, they should be allowed to Pakistan because of a long-term his family from different."In the case of killing of Dr. Chishti to life in prison was sentenced but Last month the Supreme Court has ordered the release on bail. For the human rights organizations to Dr. Chishti from a long time back to Pakistan to send its demands.Last year the judge of the Supreme Court JusticeMarkndy Katju Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also written a letter of appeal is that he was on the basis of humanitarian sympathy should be released. The president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari in April also prime minister Dr. Chishti had advocated the release.

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