Monday, 7 May 2012

'The Guantanamo court action is unfair'

Planning for the attacks on the main accused Khalid Sheikh in the custody of water waste waste and violence in which was 'water boarding'.While addressing a joint press conference, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad's lawyer David neon said that "not just to the court for some is being all'.The other accused also accused the violence during custody.The main accused Khalid Sheikh Mohammad's lawyer said that his client in protest of the judge hearing questions are refused to violence because they have been in the custody and they are sure that the case is not fair. The case was delayed because one of the accused started to Walid bin ats tied chair were brought in the court on behalf of the lawyer but the assurance that after the good behavior, they will be opened. After the case was delayed again when the accused the Arabic translation of the court hearing for the head phones refused to use after the settlement was an Arabic translator so that the accused to court action.One of the case and the accused person to judge Ramzi Bin "willing to judge said that after they will be given the opportunity to speak on which the accused said that 'It is possible that we see you again on time and may not be me in a cast and that we have committed suicide.A lawyer accused kunyl James said the trial could take several years to complete.

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