Wednesday, 16 May 2012

US sanctions on Dawood Ibrahim's companions

The United States underworld two companions dawn Dawood Ibrahim's small Shakeel and Ibrahim as Tiger Memon announced sanctions is involved in the smuggling of narcotics on the accused.
The Ministry of Finance us' of foreign exchange Regulatory Authority' Dawood Ibrahim to the company with the name of 'D.' company is also known US. In a statement the Ministry of Finance has said that in Mumbai, 57-year-old junior Shakeel 'D.' Dawood Ibrahim, head of the company and the company are dexter hand the other 'criminal' and 'extremist' intensity operations. The statement also said that 52-year-old Ibrahim as Tiger Memon Dawood Ibrahim other important close friend who are in South Asia, the business of the company and he led the 1993 Mumbai attacks are required to India in the matter. It should be noted that the explosions in more than two hundred and fifty people were killed.Coming from foreign countries, which means that the amount to be on the department imposed on behalf of the ban means that any American with both the people of any business relationship and if the United States could not in any property in the name of both, he will be confiscated.The director of the foreign Exchange Regulatory Authority Adam Zbyn says 'the Finance Ministry in South Asia and extremist crime close eye on the relation is about and the company We have decided in the world is the most disreputable crime is against the company'. The Ministry of Finance has said that Dawood Ibrahim and his company on the international level of the decade of drug smuggling is working department. According to the South and West Asia, Africa and the way they work. It should be noted that Interpol has already small Shakeel and as Tiger Memon warrant against' means 'red corner notice was issued.

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