Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pak-Afghan border region of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban militants in the presence of French

Security forces in the attacks on his training camps is being made.Peshawar: Tuluz city in France, an armed man on behalf of the people in different incidents of murder after the investigators think on the ideology that final Mohammad myrah in Waziristan militant training.

 It is important that its Pakistan and Afghanistan in the border area of a European citizen Taliban movement and Al-Qaida-linked Pakistan may also but this question is that how many foreign people in militant groups.
Suheil Taliban movement in Pakistan agency spokesman of Central Asia, Mukarram khrashani online said while talking to the name that number or not we can tell because the elders that refused to on record, but one thing I can In that we have all over Europe countries of Asia from the combatant also
Are there.No doubt the movement of Al-Qaida and Taliban Pakistan to accept that is Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the ranks of their citizens. Some people say that the large parts of the world in an attempt to spread the message of tolerance. Information Minister mian iftikhar hussain, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah Central Asia online said while talking to suffering in the war that foreign militants in the name of religion for their interests attached to Pushtoon soil bloody

Mian iftikhar hussain said that militants living in tribal areas and the Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah between Pashtun residents of hate and hate the seed plant, and thirsty for the blood brother brother today. The only al-Qaida-linked the foreign elements that are not to take some land. The Senior Minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah Bashir Ahmed Crystal said that foreign militants to not only our security officials are slaughtered and murder but he has for their interests in FATA hundreds of innocent lives.He said that Al-Qaida-linked militants and their battle love as a result of regional countries against each other and have different nations at the international level between the sense of hatred. Crystal said that he has no place of foreigners here and he has the hospitality Pashtun traditions of wrong advantage to those people who also killed many years for them to host.Chairman of the political department of Peshawar University A. Z. meniscold said that the foreign militants is their own agenda of any country and they are not bothered independence. Instead of other factors with instability in many countries also. He said that the European militants from the Middle East and the Arab countries belonging to militants more dangerous because they are only murdering and have an interest in the planning of the attacks have no connection with.

Myrah links with extremists

The 23-year-old Mohammad Myrah in March and Tulz and mutobaan in French cities in separate incidents of firing by the school, a Rabbi three Jewish children and three French soldiers were killed on March 22, police had killed him.In the media after it was said in the news that the unidentified Pakistani intelligence officials in Waziristan According to dozens of French Muslims and Mohammad Myrah training was also the one of them. French authorities are still not found any solid proof which confirmed that it has Myrah training in Pakistan or Afghanistan, but he says that in 2010 The Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2011 was traveling. However, the branch of the Taliban of Jundullah, a militant commander Ahmed Marwat, the representatives of the media in March on the telephone and claimed that the Taliban Myrah Waziristan was linked to the march 25 commander that message to the Central Asia in line with.

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