Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cairo: Protesters attacked, killed at least twenty

According to the officials, Egypt capital in Cairo on protestors unknown people as a result of the attack at least 20 people have been killed in the incident. According to the reports, 100 people have also been injured.
Near the ministry of defense in Cairo persons injured in the incident in the Empire district was established first aid in a field clinic.
 According to eye witnesses, the attackers, nuts, fire bombs and stones, shot.Most of those injured in the conservative Salafi mtbh worry Hazm Abu Ismail, a leader of pro-Who has been suspended from participating in presidential elections. Hazam Abu Ismail to was declared unfit on the basis of his mother, Egypt to the United States in addition to the citizenship.Workers said that Egypt's military council has to violence and the people dressed in plain clothes security personnel by the protests from several days to try to stop.It is thought that 30 was a candidate in presidential elections and 10 candidates in the elections after the ban on only 13 candidates. The accused is that candidates from the elections, he rules violation of due to which he was declared ineligible.

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