Monday, 14 May 2012

3 party meeting with new: Border Security

Pakistan, Afghanistan and ISAFarmy between the senior military officials on Sunday in have a tripartite meeting was held in the Pak-Afghan border security talks onthe meeting. The international coalition forces in Afghanistan in the head ISAFGeneral John Allen. Afghan army chief General Sher Mohammad graciousness And, Chief of the Pakistan Army General Ashfaq Pervez kiyani attended the meeting.
In November of last year Pakistan Slalhcheck post of the NATO air attack on the three countries after the high-level military officials of this is the first formal meeting between. All three countries, the talks between the senior military officials to Pakistan with the U.S. and Afghanistan to last six months of tense relations is seen as a sign. International coalition forces in Afghanistan issued on behalf of the According to a statement, the trilateral talks on Sunday after the General John Allen said that the talks' 'got encouraged.He said 'not only It came out talks is that all the parties on important issues and problems of the latest talks, but also the consensus was found that the talks that a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan is necessary for the future Afghanistan so that extremists are not a safe haven for." Pakistani army general relations department of the ranks of the three countries in the declaration of a tripartite military commission said the 35th meeting. According to a joint statement, Pakistan and Afghanistan for the control of the joint border and steps to prevent unpleasant incidents with talks on procedure. General John Allen, also a day before General Ashfaq Pervez kiyani, GHQ in Rawalpindi with talks were made according to the reports, the supply of NATO on the rehabilitation of roads was also.It should be noted that slalhcheck post Pakistan after the attack on Afghanistan has been posted in the US and international coalition forces for supply suspension of supply of goods with the land is in the war against terrorism and with the United States on 11-year-old cooperation review. Pakistani Parliament, relations between the two countries on the recommendations of the review compiled with the United States in the newcomer on the attack on Pakistani soil, an apology Dronattack and demanded to stop cooperation with the United States for the new conditions are kept.According to the US State Department last week a team of American experts are present in Pakistan with Pakistani officials on bilateral cooperation, particularly the supply line of NATO talks on the issue. According to the Pakistani media the rigidity of Pakistan in the talks of the treasury officials are play a key role of NATO its soil because Pakistan goods and supply of new Taxes conditional from fees. Afghanistan in the future international agenda for preparation of NATO in the third week of this month in Chicago-based American city has called a conference to Pakistan to participate in the till now not been invited. The chief of NATO troops honors Fu Rasmussen has said that a day before the Pakistan before holding of the conference of NATO should restore supply line.

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