Monday, 14 May 2012

Death of two British soldiers in Afghanistan

Officials of the ministry of defense in Afghanistan the Afghan police officials by firing on the two British soldiers were killed.A British soldiers belonged Btylyn "First Wills guards' was from the second Royal air force personnel.
                   British defense ministry says that Afghan police personnel British officials to encampment district of Halmand province during the meeting with local officials in providing security.
Officials said that British forces daily work with Afghan forces and the relationship between the established. He further said that this is one country where an armed rebellion is issued a regrettable incidents. He said that 'We do not know what the terrorist attack and who were included in the police succeeded in they were policemen, were angry a'."a society where people are their problems to solve violence."He said that the British soldiers' of 'for our national security. He said that Afghanistan was a region where current reaction and it was our international terrorist attacks on our friends to the societies.

He said that the international forces in 1000 after the return two thousand 14 Afghan forces of law and order situation in the country. On. Before the NATO spokesman said that terrorist attack and who were stop wearing police uniforms but the local police spokesman said that both the attack and a year in the police service. It is thought that Afghan security forces in Afghanistan the hands of foreign forces in the death of officials.A few days before the Afghan forces in uniform, wearing a person firing of NATO forces was killed by an official.This year the 'Green' in the attacks bellow 22 international soldiers have been killed, most of them are American. Such incidents in 1000 in two thousand 11 deaths were 35-1000. such attacks in two thousand nine so far 12 British soldiers have been killed. Afghan Intelligence officials say that the Taliban and Afghan soldiers between the NATO officials to spread a discredit the atmosphere.One senior Afghan official said that the rebel soldiers and the issue of Taliban government structure suicide attacks in more than to go to prove to be a great threat.

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