Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Two powerful solar storm land today.

American Experts say that on Thursday when a powerful solar storm to land, the air traffic and electricity supply will be disturbed.According to the experts, this storm in last five years our planets raging off from the powerful solar storm.

These solar storms are included in the magnetic and radioactive Rays.According to the weather department US solar storm from the earth 364 million kilometers per hour when the speed and will continue until the effects of the storm Friday the standard time of Pakistan According to Syria from 11 between 3 pm. According to the scientists take solar storm the limitless energy coming closer the land near the polar aircraft traveling in the communication contacts can also damage. Experts have warned that the aircraft to use an alternate route.U.S. Department of Meteorology kncz Joseph said: "This storm has hit us straight."Note that the NREGA better in nineteen hundred solar storm in the U.S. state alynuyy phone lines were affected.According to the British geological survey of the storm in Britain to when the effects on Thursday night will be seen.Two thousand years in October 3 earth collision with the atmosphere of the most powerful solar due to the storm the magnetic rays of Japan with a false planet.

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