Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'Israel can't wait for more'

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that Iran to stop nuclear weapons for the time being, Israel in Washington. American capital while addressing the Lobby, he said that the citizens of Israel 'destruction their lives in the shadows' can not allowed.

It is feared that Israel wants Iran nuclear weapons and Iran has said that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes against Iran's possible military action on guesses of Israeli Prime Minister has said that Israel can wait for a more now. In the meantime, the American president Brak obama has said that the Iran issue to solve through diplomacy, there is still time for.Israeli   Prime Minister Netanyah  from the American Israel Public Affairs committee Monday night said while addressing expressed his determination that Iran to gain nuclear weapons will be allowed. He said 'unfortunately Iran's nuclear program. The problem through diplomacy against Iran, wait for restrictions which are now waiting for more."Will not be.According to   Prime Minister Netanyah  , the Israeli Prime Minister to read their citizens' never 'destruction in the shadows of their lives will not permit.

He urged that a Jewish state it destroyed, will not be allowed to Iran's nuclear program will be to stop all. Israeli   Prime Minister Netanyah , on Monday, U.S.  president Brak obama   in White House and said that relations between the two countries are sustainable.

He said that the United States is still hope that the Iran issue can be resolved through diplomacy. However, he also said that the United States will be on all opsion Israeli Prime Minister has said that President obama to have the ability to its should be. On this occasion, the American president Brak obama said he and grocer, Netanyah the issue through diplomacy will give priority to the resolution.
According to obama of 'We any military action the losses through the.Remember, kiting that the US president Barak obama on Sunday of the Israeli lobby in the conference, said that war statements tenancy to benefit because he is only to Iran.

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