Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Talking to Iran could not be consensus,

Six big world powers of the world agreed that that could not be on the issue of Iran's nuclear program to be how much strict attitude.

Iran talks on nuclear issues in the preparation of America, Britain, Germany, Russia, France and China a meeting of the representatives of Austria city was held in Vienna.Western countries say that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons, it is the UN officials did not cooperate with severe criticism on which should be the issue but Russia and China for dealing with conciliatory sources want to use.
On the other hand Iran insists that its nuclear program for peaceful purposes only.The United Nations nuclear agency diplomats in a meeting held in Iran, a military center in about the fears have been expressed that the nuclear activities of concealing evidence efforts are being. Diplomats told the News Agency Associated Press that satellite from Iran, according to the pictures Parachan army complex named truck and land in the Grave diggers machinery seems to the presence of that Iran is proof of recent nuclear activities of instruments. In the past also, the IAEA has said that it is no doubt that Iran Parachan complex nuclear weapons to the experience of using.

Iran, on Monday, he said that the UN weapons inspector to Tehran in the future, located in the south of the inspections Parachan army. The United Nations inspector in 2005 Parachan last time but they were not allowed to enter in.It should be noted that the current week American president on Monday Barak obama, a partial lobby of Israel had said that during his address to the Iran nuclear capability to use of force to prevent us from But not use diplomacy will still be successful.
Sane was a statement in which he warned that Iran's nuclear ambitions in the Middle East can start a new Cold War.

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