Wednesday, 7 March 2012

International forces ready for talks with Iran

The European Union said the six major world powers over Iran's nuclear program and Iran has agreed to renewed negotiations.The head of the European Union Foreign Affairs katharine  has said that he has five of the Security Council members and Germany on Iran's response to a letter.

Saeed Jalili Iran's talks last month sent a letter to European Union in which he talks . However, the recent history of talks or venue. This step has not been in a time when attacks on Iran's nuclear installations affect poplar.Iran insists that its nuclear program is in a military element of Western powers but it is feared that the Iran nuclear weapons. katharine has said in the statement that the European Union is the hope that Iran is now part of constructive talks and the process of talks over its nuclear program in the world community to soothe the real progress will be in.Before this Iran has said that he is at the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency Parachan representatives of access to his military base. between Iran and the European Union on Iran's nuclear program during the last several years, and many talks suspended several times, the last time the negotiations between the two have failed in last January.It should be noted that Israeli Prime Minister on Monday Bin Yamin Natun Yahoo, said during his US visit that Iran's nuclear program to stop time is running out.

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