Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Malik Riaz: clerk to billion cards

In a few weeks before the waist-cloth to a middle age man wearing a dove-tail from the shop with a dove-tail account. He did not like some dove-tail missile but 15 rupees instead of standing behind the gunman held to.

The person Navy town country owner of Riaz Hussain on which is accused of millions of rupees to the people as 'gift' is.

 Malik Riaz Hussain was never a clerk. But now they have become trillion leaflet and the wealth is making journey.63 year-old Malik Riyaz a farmer's House in the business, and father after the loss to matriculate Malik Riaz Hussain clerk's job in the army. In after a second level of the farmer from savings business.
The most difficult of his life. His interview about the statement of the regime have discomfort in his child's treatment of the house for selling pot, self quicklimes foil, and to give such incidents as pour on the roads.
His Late wife also expressed the desire that a five Mrlah ownership of.

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